Why Relationship Marketing



“Downsizing, Home-Based Businesses, Cocooning, High-Tech with High-Touch, Residual Income — Hallmarks of How the World Will Be Working Tomorrow”

  • What are you doing about your family’s financial future?
  • Have you ever considered being your own boss?
  • Do you keep your business options open?

Pressing questions millions of men and women are asking today as they try to navigate the stormy seas of our rapidly changing working world.

The problem is clear…

But is there a practical, affordable, timely solution?

For many people all over the the world, the answer is “Relationship Marketing”: Arguably the fastest, lowest-risk, easiest way to go into business for yourself today. One thing you can’t argue with, forRelationship Marketing — the 90’s heir apparent to the waning franchise phenomenon.


Experts say the potential tax advantages of self-employment alone make even a part-time networking career worth your serious investigation.

Whether as a customer, investor or an active home-based entrepreneur, within the next few short years, you and everyone you know will be participating in Relationship Marketing Direct Sales. The men and women (and their families) who achieve the greatest benefits of all will be those who own their own networking businesses.

Business is booming!

And clearly, this is just the beginning — Michael S. Clouse, Senior Editor, Upline Magazine

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