Who Anthony Pettis Is and His Accomplishment

If you are a fan of Ultimate Fighting Challenge (UFC), you surely would be very familiar with Anthony Pettis. He is a 27-year-old fighter who became popular in the mixed martial arts scene during the recent years. He became a professional fighter in December, 2007 at the young age of 20. He used to train with the famous kickboxing fighter himself Duke Roufus from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He also had a lot of other training partners, including the Olympic wrestler Ben Askren, Matt Mitrione and Pat Berry.

Under his nickname ‘Showtime’, he was able to collect a good record of 6-0 before he made a jump into the WEC. He was able to get 6-0 as he took all of his fights in Milwaukee. However, he never had a win through submission. By June of 2009, he faced his first battle with the WEC as he took Mike Campbell as WEC 41. The fight was his first win by submission.

Anthony Pettis’ Fighting Career

Anthony Pettis’ nickname Showtime is perfect for his fight during WEC 50. The opponent, he had to face that night, was Shane Roller. He used a powerful combination of wrestling, striking, and a little bit of capoeira, guiding his way to triumph. After using his strategies, it was still his jiu jitsu that led him to his victory. After that, he was able to receive several acclamations within the fight for using Au Batido and Martelo kicks to Roller.

Pettis became ever more popular as he became featured on the MTV show ‘World of Jenks’. There his fans were able to take a peek into his personal life, with his family, and including his activities, such as his training. The show was able to emphasize that he lost his father while he was still young.

Anthony Pettis Business Opportunity

However, aside from being a fighter inside the ring, Anthony Pettis also came up with another venture for business. He built Seacret for the residual income while he still fighting in the UFC. Seacret is introduced as an Anthony Pettis business opportunity. It was introduced in the US market back in 2005.

Eventually, the company has switched their methods of doing business into relationship marketing and has already obtained sales volume of more than one billion dollars in just a span of three years.  Pettis has partnered with John and Tiffaney Malott who are 1 of the top 40 relationship marketing income earners on the globe. Plus John and Tiffaney Malott Hit $1.9 Million In 12 Months with Seacret.

If you choose to work with Anthony Pettis and the Malott’s, you can become an independent business owner, with the opportunity to be trained by top leaders who are already considered experienced in the fields of health, anti-aging, as well as relationship marketing. You will certainly have their complete support in order to expand your business with the use of the highest technologies available.

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