Should Magic Johnson Be ‘Ashamed?’

After winning championships in high school and college, Johnson was selected first overall in the 1979 NBA Draft by the Lakers.He won a championship and an NBA Finals Most Valuable Player Award in his rookie season, and won four more championships with the Lakers during the 1980s.

Johnson retired abruptly in 1991 after announcing that he had contracted HIV, but returned to play in the 1992 All-Star Game, winning the All-Star MVP Award.After negative protesting from his fellow players, he retired again for four years, but returned in 1996, at age 36, to play 32 games for the Lakers before retiring for the third and final time.

So the question Should Magic Johnson Be ‘Ashamed?

No way! Magic Johnson made the big decision to get back on the horse! Magic took massive action and made history by doing so. He is a hero in my personal opinion.

Does Magic Johnson’s story feel like your business? 

I treated my relationship marketing business like Magic Johnson career; we got great success fast and back off by not putting the needed time into our business.You may know how this feels, life may challenge you and life events may get in the way from you reaching your utmost potential in this business.

In relationship marketing  people treat their business like a runner running a sprint rather than treating their business like a marathon!

Does this feel like you at times?

If so STOP this non sense now! I promise you, you will gain more traction in addition to success in your business. Plus you will get to where you want to be faster if you continue and never take those week long breaks or even months.
You must make daily deposits into your business, which will compound daily while delivering the lifestyle you want. This is why you got into this business right?

You must give your business the time and the attention to hit hyper growth within your business. I want to challenge you to work with my coaches and I to give you an unfair advantage in this space.This will include getting an accountability partner to hold you accountable for your daily action steps for success.

Plus you will get weekly tasks to do, which will deliver you and your family financial freedom.  This is an incredible bang for your buck and you must take massive action today, time is passing you by and so are your dreams my friend. Plus you will work directly with my team and I to maximize your success.

You can do it, I believe in you and your success but you have to meet me half way by being part of this unique group of marketers and I promise to meet you the other half of the way!

With this you can’t lose…

Click Here So You Don’t Do Your Business Like Magic Johnson’s Career. Plus Work With Me Personally and We Will Hold You Accountable Today!

The relationship marketing business is not for everyone, it is ONLY for those who are willing to take an educated and calculated risk on themselves.

Chat Soon My Friend, 
Anthony Showtime Pettis
“Work With Anthony Showtime Pettis”
Founder of

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