Anthony Showtime Pettis Partners with Seacret Direct

UFC fans know Anthony Showtime Pettis as the Lightweight Champion. But did you know that aside from being a mixed martial arts fighter, he is also a savvy businessman? He has signed up with Seacret Direct in order to have passive income even when he is receiving his paycheck from the UFC. He knows that he can’t be a mixed martial arts fighter forever.


Now you can join Anthony Pettis and be part of the Seacret business. The Phoenix-based company is a reputable brand popular across the globe. Its products are sold in 40 countries and used by millions of people. They are effective in keeping one’s skin soft and rejuvenated.


Anthony Pettis UFC career is far from over, but he is already planning for his future. And he has found a great partner with Seacret. The company offers high-quality skin care products that have anti-aging properties. Some people might think that a MMA fighter and a skin care company is a mismatch, but Anthony Pettis knows something they don’t know. He also confessed that he uses the products and said that they make him feel good. That’s why he is spreading the word about the product and the opportunities that the company has to offer.


Seacret is targeting the vast number of Baby Boomers, who have disposable cash. The market for anti-aging products are increasing each year as retiree try to look younger and live healthier. The growth rate of the anti-aging market has increased faster than the automotive industry across the globe.


Seacret products utilized the most advanced technologies that have been proven safe. The company has complied with the standards set by the United States government. The products provide convenience, safe to use, and quick results. Join Anthony Pettis and be part of a wonderful company that delivers high-quality products to consumers across the globe.

Work With Anthony Pettis


The company has been available in the US market since 2005. During that time, the products were sold in shopping centers. Then in 2011, the company switched its business method and started offering their products through Relationship Marketing.


In the past three years, it has managed to improve its bottom line and at the same time, helped others earn as well. Anthony Showtime Pettis saw that it was the right time to join the company, and he wants you to be part of it as well.  Pettis has partnered with John and Tiffaney Malott who are 1 of the top 40 relationship marketing income earners in the world… Plus John and Tiffaney Malott Hit $1.9 Million In 12 Months with Seacret.


Be an independent business owner like Anthony Showtime Pettis in Seacret, and gain the opportunity to be part of something big. The company provides training by experts in the fields of relationship marketing, health, and anti-aging. They provide full support for every independent business owner. And in no time, you will be able to earn residual income just like Anthony Showtime Pettis.

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